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Eat, · Drink, · and · Be · Merry...

For Tomorrow is A Day Away.

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"Friends..." he looks from Don to Mary and then to Lita, forcing a smile. "Due to... our sparse numbers and... unforseeable circumstances..." Lita smiles. "I propose to postpone this evening's competition in entertainment for a later date when more... participants may be present."

He takes Lita's arm.
"For the time being, feel free to remain and partake of my hospitality this evening... and, in the event that more guests do arrive, I shall retract my decision and declare the event open..." he nods to Kono, who exits.

"Enjoy now a little dance music, and the beauty of a Sunday evening. For I am sure, we all are dreading entering the studios on Monday."

Kono returns with the other servants, all carrying various jazz instruments. They begin to play, It Had to Be You. It is definitely a comic sight.

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As Chaplin and his guests are engaged in conversation, a new face appears, with Kono (who looks slightly sick) at the door to the den. It is Lita Grey, and Chaplin does not notice her until is too late.

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"Charlieeeee!!" a squeal comes from behind him. The girl runs full force at Chaplin and nearly knocks him over with a hug. He thinks to himself how fortunate it is there are only two guests present to witness this outburst.

He gently peels Lita from his arm. "My God, Lita," he wonders how on earth she received an invitation, and tries to smile without showing his nervousness. "Donald, Mary... this is Lita Grey... you may remember her from my picture, the Kid."

"I was the good angel," Lita states. A girl of just sixteen, she looks much older, having applied a generous amount of makeup, being also dressed in fine formal attire. Chaplin worriedly wonders if her mother will be accompanying her this evening...

"Yes. Yes, you were," he says, smiling as sweetly as possible at the beaming young girl.
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Dressed in his usual outfit of shirt, tie, close-knit sweater and trousers. (He decided that it always seemed to suit him best, and it was a look that stayed in fashion constantly)

Donald was absoloutely delighted to be invited to Mr Chaplin's party, and is eager to meet some of the people who he had heard who were coming. In fact, Donald was always eager to meet new friends and chat.

He spots Mr Chaplin talking with Miss Pickford over in one corner, so he decides to join in on their conversation and introduce himself.

"Mr Chaplin?", he asks looking from him to Miss Pickford to see if he had been taken notice of.

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*Mary Arrives in a black velvet dress, wrapped in a fur trimed coat, she has arrived straight from the studio*

*Mary is eager to wind down and enjoy a few laughs with friends*
"Hello, Charlie! How good to see you!"
* * *
Grand Opening Gala

of the Newly Initiated Friends of the Life of the Party
(That Means You)

To be Hosted at the Chaplin Estate, at 1085 Summit Drive
Just Below Pickfair*

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((Saturday, March 25th, to Sunday, March 26th.))
Champagne and Swimming Provided
Only One Guest per Guest, Please.

Special Event to Be Hosted On the Second Day
A Showcase of Talent. Sing, dance, clown, or improvise a scene or an act all your own.

The winner of the competition will be decided by a democratic vote of all party guests. The winner will also receive a plaque of gold, with outstanding honorable mention in entertainment, for the First Life of the Party Gala.

So come and dance, laugh, sing, and be merry! For tomorrow, we may have less interesting things to do.

*((see www.silentsaregolden.com/homes for details on your star's home))
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((Welcome, welcome, ladies and gents.

There are two major ways this community will function:

1) I will host an activity or party in which entrances and exits, conversations and kisses will be "acted" in posts and carried on through comments. The parties will last for two days from the very first announcement. "Invitations" will be posted prior to the events.

2) A member may engage me, as Chaplin, in a private meeting, comment based, so as to be "private," and therein may request to host his or her own event at such and so a time and place (either Chaplin's studio, equipped with pools, and many luxuries, or his estate, for more intimate gatherings). Then he or she will post his or her own invitation in the community prior to the event, and in effect, take over the community for a couple of days.

Notes on posting during an event:
First, an entrance post describing the dress, general look, mood, et cetera, of a character must be posted.
Then, others may greet said party guest with comments of Hello's and the like.
After, the acknowledged guest may hop around the party and engage others in conversation, either via comments to their entrances, or in a second, third, fourth separate post.
Finally, any new action taken, "Charlie walks to the bar and takes a cigarette from behind the tender's ear," no matter how little, should be posted in a separate and new post so that it may be responded to by a multitude of players.

For posting, I encourage all sorts of written role-playing.

One might choose to use any of the following methods or any outside:

*asterisks for actions* : "Hello there!" *He tips his hat to Harpo.*

Standard narrative form: Charlie walks out of the pool-house and dips his toe into the water. "That gives me quite a chill...!" he says, looking around warily for any prankster that might shove him in!

I will provide a detailed though mostly speculative account of what the studios look like and include in the next few days, at which point I will invite new members and announce the first event. It is very likely that I will also insert dramatic events into the mix, to which others must react/prevent/et cetera!

I hope this is very fun indeed.))
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